Alibaba se pridružuje globalnoj GS1 GDSN mreži

19. rujna 2016.

Alibaba Group poziva vlasnike robnih marki da usvoje GS1 standarde za upravljanje podacima o proizvodima te da koriste Globalni broj trgovačke jedinice (GTIN - Global Trade Item Number) za jedinstvenu identifikaciju svojih proizvoda u e-trgovini.

Korisnike se potiče da se uključe u Globalnu mrežu za sinkronizaciju podataka (GDSN® - Global Data Synchronization Network) te na taj način razmjenjuju informacije o proizvodima.

Alibaba joins GDSN® - Press release

  • Alibaba - press release.jpgAlibaba Group is the world’s largest online and mobile trading market, which runs various online and mobile platforms, covering Retail, Wholesale and Cloud Computing. There are 423 million active buyers on China’s retail platform of Alibaba Group.

    Alibaba Group looks to expand and create more value for merchants and consumers with global brand owners. All e-Commerce trading platforms of Alibaba Group will actively expand the application scenarios of the GS1 standards and adopt GTIN as product identifier.

    This will help brand owners to:

    • Manage their supply chain efficiently
    • Help to provide the standard information that complies with the laws and regulations and meet the demands for consumer transparency
    • GDSN® and GS1 standards will provide accurate and complete product information, for both upstream and downstream (supply and sales enterprises)
    • The GDSN® would also provide consumers with access to authentic and rich product content, which helps brand integrity and improves the consumer experience in today’s global e-Commerce industry. 

    For further information on the news or to inquire about the press release, please contact: Alan Hyler, Director, GDSN Program Management, GS1 Global Office - alan.hyler@gs1.org

    For more general information on GDSN®, please visit: